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Are you one like Anna who is called to minister to the Lord in worship and prayer as a full-time occupation (Luke 2:36-38)? Prayer missionaries raise their own support to minister to the Lord in worship and prayer. They are vital to this ministry as the ones who keep the fire on the altar burning (Leviticus 6:12).

Volunteer your time as a singer, musician, or intercessor.
Are you a singer, musician or intercessor who can volunteer 2 hours (or more) each week to help lead a prayer meeting? PrayNow depends on volunteers who can join the full-time Prayer Missionaries in making continual worship and prayer in Central Arkansas a reality.

Volunteer to help run the Prayer Room.
Could you help manage the Prayer Room? That might look like overseeing a 2 hour prayer meeting, ushering people and providing guidance as they arrive, running sound, cleaning the facilities, or organizing and directing volunteers.

Adopt a meeting
Do you enjoy praying and worshiping in the Prayer Room? Just pick a prayer meeting(s) that you will attend weekly and intercede with us.

Join our core meetings
Core meetings are a time for prayer missionaries, volunteers and prayer friends to worship, pray, and to plug into PrayNow. We meet 2 Friday nights per month.

For more information contact: info@praynowlr.org

A Ministry to God

PrayNow is a ministry to God that combines unending worship and prayer because He is worthy. Our passion is to mirror the throne room of heaven (Revelation 4 and 5) where there is continual worship and prayer in response to who God is.

We believe and cry out to God, “You are worthy of unending worship and prayer in Central Arkansas and throughout the earth.” May it be on earth as it is in heaven!

A Ministry to Central Arkansas

PrayNow is also a ministry to Central Arkansas. We partner with God through prayer for the release of justice, transformation and revival in our region.

“The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth He has given to man.” -Psalm 115:16

All of heaven is under the full authority of God, but He has given the rule of the earth to man.

We believe that wherever we live, we are called to bring the kingdom of God to that region. Our region, the place where we have been strategically placed, is Central Arkansas. This ministry is about bringing God’s kingdom to Central Arkansas through prayer.

Our Assignment

Our assignment is to “do prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David.” This means that we are called to do prayer in the same heart and in the same way as King David.

Same Heart as David

God was King David’s all-consuming passion in life. God was his “one thing” (Psalm 27:4). To do prayer in the same heart as King David means to have God as the treasure of our lives. Like David, God is our “one thing.”

Same Way as David

David assigned 4000 musicians and 288 singers to minister to God as their full-time occupation in shifts that continued 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To do prayer in the same way as David is to set singers and musicians in place to minister to God AND to combine our worship with intercession.

Prayer Room

What are the prayer meetings like? Each prayer meeting is 2 hours long. Musicians and singers lead worship in coordination with a prayer leader who leads the room in a specific prayer focus. There is always the option to join the corporate prayer focus or to have a personal devotional time with God.

Our goal is that meetings are “user friendly”, meaning that it is easy to engage in the prayer meeting.

The Name

Our name PrayNow has three strategic purposes.



Before Christ came among us the knowledge of God was veiled; but when Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, came to earth as a man there was light and God was made known to us. Jesus perfectly answers the questions “Who is God?” and “What is God Like?”.

Throughout the Bible we see individuals who knew God deeply and saw His glory. Many like David, Moses, Mary, Paul, and John knew God in a profound and tangible way. This is the passion of PrayNow. We are centered on knowing God deeply. And we believe that to go deep in God we must seek to passionately know Jesus.

Beholding Jesus is what fuels all of us to pursue this ministry of unending worship and prayer.

“One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek Him in His temple.” -Psalm 27:4


The more we behold Jesus, the more we love Him and long to extravagantly pour our devotion upon Him.

Mary of Bethany poured her bottle of perfume (her life savings) upon Jesus. Jesus called this extravagant devotion “beautiful”. PrayNow has a “Mary of Bethany” calling (Mark 14:4-9) to pour love upon Jesus through night and day worship and prayer. PrayNow is a place where all who share this passion can come and adore Him.

What does it mean to adore Jesus? It is expressing our devotion to God from the understanding and revelation of His worth! It is pouring love upon Him because of who He is.


The more we grow in the place of knowing and loving Jesus, the more we become passionate about glorifying God.

What does it mean to glorify God? Glorifying God is magnifying the greatness of God. It is when His name is made great.

We believe that when Jesus becomes our supreme delight, we glorify God most. At PrayNow we glorify God in our lives by delighting in Jesus more than all else, by centering our worship on His greatness and who He is, and by praying for His kingdom to come and His will to be done.


The supremacy of Jesus is our passion at PrayNow and the cornerstone of this ministry. Jesus is exalted and treasured above all else and in all things. Jesus is the all-consuming passion of our lives and He is the reason for our existence. We believe that Jesus is worthy to be praised forever and we exist to glorify Him.

“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. And He is the head of the body, the church; He is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything He might have the supremacy.” -Colossians 1:15-17


Statement of Faith


Become a monthly Partner

When you financially support PrayNow, you become our “partner” and a part of the PrayNow family. You are partnering with us to put singers, musicians and intercessors in place to minister to the Lord because He is worthy of unending worship and prayer here in our region! You are also are enabling us to continually intercede for Central Arkansas.

To become a monthly partner or give one-time gifts click the Smart Giving button below

Or, make checks payable to:
P.O. Box 95436
North Little Rock, AR 72190

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Are you a singer, musician or intercessor who can volunteer 2 hours (or more) each week to help lead a prayer meeting? PrayNow depends on volunteers who can join prayer missionaries in making continual worship and prayer in Central Arkansas a reality. We also need volunteers for sound/media as well as ushers to watch over the Prayer Room.

To volunteer, please fill out and email the Volunteer Application to us.


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1911 N. Main Street
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114

From I-40, exit JFK and go South on Main Street. Pass North Little Rock High School and 1st Baptist of NLR. Turn right at 20th Street and turn left on Maple Street. Please park on the right side of the NLR Funeral Home parking lot. Look for the PrayNow sign on the gray building.

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